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Shanghai Chuang Hong Biotechnology Co., Ltd of Biopharmvet Group is located in the internationalization metropolis of Shanghai City and is an enterprise dedicated to make veterinary medicines and feed additives, focus on research and development of animal vaccines, marketing, sales, technology promotion, disease diagnosis and farm service and other technological animal health harmaceutical products. ……
1.Pseudorabies live Vaccine(C strain) Register dossier about PR live vaccine(C strain)
The document of Chinese Ministry of Agriculture about PR live vaccine(C strain)
2.Pseudorabies kill vaccine(HB2011 strain)
3.Duck Hepatitis Virus(3 type) live vaccine
Veterinary Diagnosis Laboratory of Biopharmvet Group was established in October 2007 and at present has set up routine diagnostic check of animal epidemic diseases and immunology technology research and application platform, and the lab now has advanced instruments and equipments. A professional technical team consists of a Doctor and 3 Masters Works in the lab. We will provide medium and large-sized farms with pathology, serology, nosetiology and molecular biology and other diseases and technical services of diseases analysis, diseases prediction, antibody detection and diseases diagnosis etc......
Biopharmvet Group Test Pig Farm is special experimental farms invested by the Biopharmvet Group, covering an area of 20 Mu. At present the hogpen covers an area of 2,000 square meters and have more than 160 swineries and allows various experiment conducted at the same time. There are 10 full-time animal husbandry master, veterinarian and breeder in the experiment hogpen. Currently Many preliminary experiments for clinic effect test are carried out hare for many overseas……
Product Name: Rehydragel LV
Other/Generic Names: Aluminum Hydroxide Compressed Gel
Recommended Use: Pharmaceutical Ingredient
Manufacturer: General Chemical, LLC 90 East Halsey Road Parsippany, NJ 07054 ……

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